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July 2016

Must Visit Eateries In Sydney NSW

As the capital of New South Wales, Sydney is one of the most popular places for tourists to explore in Australia when traveling by car rental Sydney. The destination boasts the iconic Opera House and the massive Darling Harbor for a stunning location in each season. Those who plan to visit the city can dine at some of the top eateries that are known for their incredible cuisine.

Tetsuya’s RestaurantTetsuya’s Restaurant is known as a house that is filled with art and overlooks a lush Japanese garden. Guests can indulge in French-Asian cuisine with plates that include Grilled Wagyu Beef, Ravioli of Queensland Spanner Crab, and Comte with Lentils. Natural seasonal flavors are used with each menu item with classic French technique used in the upstairs kitchen.

Farmhouse Kings Cross

This top tier establishment serves gluten-free cuisine and five different courses in an elegant and intimate setting. The menu rotates every few weeks and offers creative dishes that include slow cooked lamb shoulder, cob loaf with artichoke bread, and citrus and honey rice pudding. Seating includes communal tables where guests can sit with other families. The eatery mainly stands out for making flavorful culinary delights in a home-cooked farmhouse style.

Twenty 8 Acres

Twenty 8 Acres may be small in size but it has an even larger reputation in the city as a restaurant that serves king prawns, quinoa salad, and chocolate brownie fried ice cream. Try the roast sweet potato salad with yogurt dressing or the cured salmon for popular items on the menu. It’s a secret hideaway that is popular among the locals and is located at the back of Chippendale. The bar has plenty of scotch varieties with the house scotch and fresh apple juice a hit among the patrons.

China Doll

China Doll stands out in Sydney for the juicy pork belly and the large variety of wine options, making it a great place to stop by for lunch or dinner. Banquet options are available for groups who want to share menu items with plates that include duck pancakes, prawn and pork dumplings, and mushroom spring rolls. Guests can enjoy dining next to the water on the wharf, which makes for an incredible place to escape the crowds that can be found in the downtown area of Sydney. The staff is also known to be extremely attentive and knowledgeable with each dish that is available.

La Renaissance Cafe

La Renaissance Cafe serves decadent pastries, cakes, and well-brewed coffees. There is often a line out the door of hungry guests who are looking to try a slice of pie or order a flaky croissant. Guests enjoy choosing from a large French menu that stays true to French cuisine and creates masterpieces that are almost too beautiful to eat.


Apart from the basic wants of living, people also require some other secondary desires that can give comfort for the smooth way of living. The wants include traveling as well touring some ideal places for the adventure and exploration of attractive sites. The Vancouver is among the top five cities where one can explore as well rest during the leisure time. Thus, you need to ensure car rental in Vancouver for the comfortable and well exploration of the attractions in the entire area.


Trips to Make while in Vancouver

Firstly, there are quite various attraction sites in the Vancouver that draw tourists from many regions of the whole world. The tours vary from the exploration to the purely charming and relaxing areas. The most highly ranked attractions in the area are looked much into detail in this article. The Whistler is one among the most beautiful site as it consists of the highway where you drive exploring the lakes, fjords as well mountains as well other picturesque locations.

Moreover, you can enjoy skiing as well ice skating on the Whistler highway especially during the winter season. Also, along the road, there are quite some boutiques as well shops where you may wander and conduct the purchasing of the lovely products dealt in the stores. The exploration in the place takes only eight hours and thus you need to plan it well.

Secondly, you need to make a trip to the Harrison springs. The Harrison Lake is characterized by the surrounding sites starting from the outstanding mountains to the sandy beaches. The site is ideal for you as you can enjoy the warm waters as well play other games such as the golf. Also, when you tour the place you can play or else enjoy the water sports that are usually conducted on the site

On your tour, you may also visit the Steveston, which is the greatest fishing village in the entire city. The site also offers fishing sports that involve the catching of the whale. The area also provides historical information about the past events as it consists of the many historic buildings. Thus, once you visit the place, you get to know more about the past and also the way people used to stay with others in the early age.

Moreover, the in the Vancouver, you can take a trip with the old fashioned vehicles while exploring as well enjoying story telling. Also, you can enjoy a ferry ride while crossing from the Vancouver city towards the Bowen Island. The Island also offers other services such as the sandy beaches and mountain biking as well. It is also suitable as you can make purchases on things like jewelry and other curved products.



In conclusion, the Vancouver is characterized by many attractive sites, and thus you need to plan and as well ensure car rental in Vancouver to attain the required level of comfort.