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November 2017

Six Reasons Why Travel Agents Are Still Relevant

Internet booking sites for hotels abound, each promising to find consumers the lowest price and there is an abundance of information about destinations online, so why are people still using travel agents?

1. Unbiased Information about Destinations

When people planning a vacation research potential destinations online, tourism websites promise the ideal destination, with beaches with ample room to sunbathe in peace, however, the reality can be quiet different. Crowded beaches may not live up to a person’s expectations, but a travel agent will know what a destination is really like during peak vacation periods. A travel agent cannot possibly have first hand experience with every vacation spot, but they collaborate with other travel agents to provide clients with unbiased, accurate information.

2. A Travel Agent is Invaluable if the Unexpected Happens

Missing hotel reservations, vacation packages that do not include the promised tours or guides are unexpected events that can turn what is supposed to be a relaxing holiday into a stressful time. Having someone to call and handle the situation for you is priceless.

3. Special Needs

Travel professionals offer invaluable advice if anyone in a group has special needs, such as wheelchair friendly attractions or quiet accommodations for children with sensory disorders. A travel agent will know of beaches that offer special wheelchairs made for use on sand or vacation packages with tour guides fluent in sign language. A professionally planned trip will help avoid any unpleasant surprises.

4. Savings

Travel agents often receive volume discounts from resorts and tour operators. The Internet provides the illusion of always receiving the lowest price, however a travel agent may have access to vacation deals that are not on travel booking websites.

5. They Know Hotels and Resorts

A travel agent gets to know his or her clients and can help them find accommodations where they will be happy. Hotel websites often have photos that do not reflect the current state of the hotel or a room that is representative of the one you will receive. Guests arriving at a resort may find that their hotel is undergoing renovations, which is something that hotels do not advertise and reviews would not mention unless they were very recent.

6. Culture

A travel professional recognizes when clients want to immerse themselves in the local culture and will steer them away from resorts where guests never need to leave the property. They will suggest destinations where their clients will find restaurants and outdoor markets that do not necessarily cater to North Americans and Western Europeans. You may be able to gain additional insights at Gaba Travel.