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Corporate Event Planners Can Make Your Corporate Travel Program Awesome!

The most successful corporate event planners are individuals with a natural talent and highly developed skill for planning corporate events that appeal to national and international clients as well as employees.
It is critical for event planners to consider a diverse spectrum of events. However, these events should meet the general tone of the business image. One way to maintain budgetary constraints for event planning is to seek out the services of vendors with ties to various types of events. A business that requires travel vendors on a regular basis can seek the type of event planning that fits into travel arrangements through their travel vendor. Invariably, accommodations may also be linked to certain business vendors who can provide discounted rates for event planning at conference, hotel and B&B accommodations.

Sports Travel Packages – Corporate Rewards Programs

Skilled event planners recognize the usefulness of sports travel packages for corporate rewards programs. For example, businesses that reward top sales and marketing teams find offering sports travel packages individually or on a group basis is a great motivational initiative that has a ripple effect that increases sales.

Choose the most popular sports travel events for each season. Winter sports like hockey or Olympic events like curling are usually at the top of the list of most desired events. Incorporate these sports travel packages into other types of programs for optimal value.

Incentive Travel – The Big Employee Motivator

In any business there are key functions that require maximum motivation from staff and teams. In areas where worker or workplace safety is a major focus, offer incentive travel to individuals who are best examples of motivation to other employees. Incentive travel also works well for sales and marketing, design and public relations staff and it is useful for technical staff like R&D chemists and design engineers.

The Basics of Event Planning

The basics of event plans actually begin with a well crafted plan over a specific time frame, depending on the budget allowed for events. The first step is to design an annual program of events, travel and incentive programs. Review the local events that have the greatest appeal. Then, plan well in advance travel and incentive programs so that all arrangements are timely and cost-effective. Events planned on a quarterly basis provide plenty of time for travel arrangements, reservations and potential changes, when necessary. Corporate event planners know that certain planned events require confirmation numbers to secure the specific number of patrons attending these events. When making reservations or securing bookings, be sure to allow for unexpected “VIP” patrons. It’s better to cancel additional bookings than have a VIP be denied the opportunity to attend a corporate event.

Auto Parts For Smarter Cars

Car Parts

As the weather gets warmer, people start thinking about fixing up that old car in the garage or starting that new hotrod car project. Canadian car enthusiasts are no exception to this rule. They like the engine to punch hard and the wheels to squeal hard and fast when rubber hits the road. Echos of 2009, what remains of attempts of turning Canada into a mecca for muscle cars, has tended to shift Canadian sentiments towards a new direction in what it means to pimp a ride for 2016. This shift in interests may redefine the very idea of buying auto parts online. Sure, the muscle car craze will always have its place, but the new generation of car enthusiasts are also interested in building cars that impress with the latest tech trends as well. In a word, today’s generation of garage grease monkeys are going geek and the car parts, along with the accessories they are searching for, will help to define the hot rod of the future.

Smarter Cars

While more digital natives across Canada have reached driving age, their tastes have tended towards thoughts of intelligent cars that are themselves hubs of smart devices. Online searches for auto parts Canada will see a demand for auto parts that work in concert with the desires of youth who want to monitor literally every aspect of their ride from engine performance to seat positioning. This will in turn tend to place more demand for innovative auto parts that meet the expectations of the intelligent car age. Fortunately, shifts in perspectives in the auto part industry will not only create new demand, but it will also be a profitable venture as auto part manufacturers strive to meet this emerging demand.

Wireless Car Parts

In order to achieve the goal of custom pimping cars towards the geek end of the spectrum, it will require access to car parts that can be modified for wireless sensor and smart device control. It has been shown that car customization plays a major role in purchasing decision. Whether a modification will wirelessly connect to a handheld smartphone or to a tablet installed into the front of the chassis, the idea will be to provide a driver with one touch access to whatever aspect of the driving experience desired. With this type of control, even tech savvy grease monkeys can start to modify auto parts to experiment with algorithms that allow users to give their cars varying degrees of intelligent driving capabilities; thus, bypassing the need to wait for manufacturers to provide such capabilities for them. Such would not be too different from the days when muscle car enthusiasts redefined the rules of the road with innovative auto part modifications of their own. Only this time around, the geek pimping trends that become popular may prove to create much safer driving conditions for everyone on the road, and the mechanic may also be required to have a background in computer programming to pull off such custom modifications.